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2900 Diplomat Pkwy E. Cape Coral, Florida 33909

Bruce T. Grady, LLC Manager & Facility Manager

1. What are the amenities offered, and do asphalt spaces provide access to all amenities at no charge?

  • Garage and covered space customers do not pay for any amenities. Asphalt storage customers have free use of all amenities, except the pressure cleaning equipment in the wash bay and use of the upholstery cleaning equipment. However, asphalt storage customers may opt for $9 more per month to become “Asphalt Plus” tenants which does have free use of all amenities including the wash bay equipment.
  • Amenities:
  • Customer Lounge / WIFI
  • Customer Shower
  • Customer Bathroom
  • RV & Boat Products and Supplies Sold at Diplomat
  • 35 Security Cameras
  • Keyfob Readers
  • 30 Amp Electric Service Available at Covered and Garage Spaces, but not at Asphalt Open Air Spaces
  • List of 3 RV, and 3 Boat Mechanic Services to Provide Customer Service Proposals for Major Repairs within 24hrs of Request
  • Staff Provides Cleaning, Minor Repair and Other Services
  • Two Sewer Dump Stations
  • List of Maid Services to Clean RVs
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Equipment for Customer Use
  • Washbay with Liquid Wax and Spotless Water Rinse
  • Standard Vacuum
  • Air Hose Providing 120 Pounds Pressure

2. What are the hours of access?

  • Normal hours of access - 7 days a week, 6 AM to 10 PM. After these hours, access is allowed but the customer must, prior to entering or leaving the facility, contact Security prior to 8pm by phone call (no texts, please) providing time of entry and exit from the facility, and must receive approval from Security. Otherwise, security will call the police upon security camera motion detector audio alarm being received.


3. Does entry gate operate by a PIN or a key fob?

  • We rely on keyfob entry readers which are more secure than keypads and personal identification numbers (PIN). Had Diplomat opted for personal identification numbers (PIN) for gate access, thousands of people would have access to our facility in addition to 430 customers. A PIN Access system would allow way too many people access. If customer requires more than one key fob they are available at a nominal charge.


4. What hours are the entry gate entry open?

  • The entry gate opens during business hours at 10:00 AM and closes at 5 PM Monday through Friday and 10:00 to 1:00 on Saturdays. All other times the gate is closed but opens upon tenant presenting their key fob. During business hours the lift arms control access and come down swiftly after a vehicle passes to deter tailgating.


5. Do you charge for a battery charger for boats plugged into the covered space 30 AMP outlet?

  • Yes, but only a flat fee of $12.00 per month due to the draw of a battery charger being minimal with no invoice every 30 days for electric used.  Note: when an RV is plugged into the space outlet the outlet charge is $15 per month access fee and charge for actual electricity used every 30 days is made.


6. If I rent covered space for my 30' motorhome what size space do I receive, and what is my monthly rent?

  • You pay for a 34 foot space and receive a 34 foot space with a monthly payment of $249 ($7.30 per foot). The additional 4 feet is to provide space between your neighbors RV or boat. Asphalt rate is $159. However, if you lease a 3-sided carport space, which all of our perimeter buildings offer, you pay for the exact space. For example, in the North Perimeter Structure the rental spaces are 45’ deep, if you rent this space for your 42’ motorhome, you pay the rental rate applicable for exactly 45’. See the Rate page for rental rates.  Unlike the interior canopy spaces with no side walls, you are not charged an additional 4 feet.


7. What are the advantages of parking my RV, commercial vehicle or boat at Diplomat RV & Boat Storage?

  • Being completed in 2018, our structures are rated at 160 MPH sustained hurricane winds where most of our competitors being older structures are only rated to 130 MPH.  Diplomat's security includes resident gate monitor overlooking entrance gate and audio alarm to security if non-noticed (instances where customer does not notify security of after hour facility entry) after hour activity (10 p.m. to 6 a.m.) is detected by our security camera/motion detection system. Our system supports prevention of crime…. not just video evidence for law enforcement to try to solve the crime after thieves have successfully departed with your boat, outboard motors or RV.

8. Tired of delivering your RV or boat to a service shop across town? Tired of not being able to take off time from work to do so?

  • Store at Diplomat and have most of those services performed at Diplomat.  If access to your RV is required by an RV mechanic, give permission to and leave keys with Diplomat staff and let us greet mechanic at your RV or boat.  We will insure that RV is locked after mechanic completes work.  A nominal charge will apply if our staff provide access to your property.  If only allowing mechanic into facility and directing them to your boat or RV, no charge will be levied.  Your prior notice to our staff is required for such visits and proof of insurance by contractor must be presented to staff.

9. What are advantages of parking commercial vehicles at Diplomat RV & Boat Storage?

  • Your property is out of sight: Diplomat is surrounded by 16-foot tall perimeter buildings and 10-foot high concrete block walls at each corner. Your commercial vehicle cannot be seen from the outside, a major benefit if your work vehicle carries tools or equipment.
  • Security: Multiple security features that include controlled access (using only key fobs, not PIN’s), a resident gate monitor and 35 Security Cameras.
  • Code compliance: The City of Cape Coral prohibits parking a business or commercial vehicle, or any vehicle with wording on it including a car or pickup, in a residential area.
  • Convenience: Take your vehicle or boat in and out as often as you like, 24 hours a day.
  • Easy lease: Rent space month-to-month.
  • Wide aisles for easy turning: Diplomat’s site plan easily accommodates vehicles or trailers of any RV or boat trailer typical length.
  • Great Location: Diplomat is located in North Cape Coral on Diplomat Parkway East just one-half mile west of US Hwy 41 and one-half mile north of Pine Island Road.  We are also ½ mile east of the Veterans Clinic which is also on Diplomat Parkway.  Diplomat Parkway is a major east-west divided highway which leads to easy access to Interstate 75 via Bayshore Road (exit 143) or Tuckers Grade in Charlotte County (exit 158).  Diplomat is also located in close proximity (time-wise) to the City of Fort Myers.  Located at a Diplomat Parkway median curb cut means west bound traffic does not have to make a U-turn to enter our extra wide entry road.

10. Does Diplomat welcome commercial vehicles?

  • Yes, we accept most commercial vehicles or trailers that are clean, without notable rust, have no notable damage, in good repair and do not pose a danger to pedestrians walking by.

11. Will storing my RV at Diplomat RV & Boat Storage reduce my insurance premium?

  • Check with your insurance agent, but typically given the extensive security and physical protection our facility provides you should be able to reduce the premium you are currently paying.

12. What facility or equipment do you offer for washing and cleaning RV’s, commercial vehicles, trailers or boats?

  • Diplomat offers a Iarge, covered wash bay with electric pressure cleaning machine and with 1 extended pole brush and 1 pressure cleaning wand. Wash bay also has vacuum, air hose, and upholstery cleaning machine and potable water hose.  Spotless water rinse does away with the need for vehicle or boat drying equipment.  For covered and garage customers there is no charge for any amenity.  Asphalt storage customers can use all amenities also, but use of the pressure cleaning machine & upholstery cleaning machine adds $9.00 to monthly rent.  All other equipment & amenities are free of charge to asphalt storage customers.

13. Do you have a dump station?

  • Yes. Diplomat offers 3 dump stations. 3 stations eliminate waiting time on Sunday nights!  Use of dump stations are free of charge, and are strictly for the exclusive use of our customers. Non-storage tenants can dump their RV tanks for a $12 charge.

14. Can I do maintenance or restoration work on my vehicle or boat?

  • We allow minor repairs or maintenance that can be performed in less than 2 hours, and that do not infringe on the peaceful enjoyment of your fellow tenants use of the facility.  Any other type of repairs or maintenance is not allowed. Judgment of such allowed work will be solely that of management. Any repair action that threatens the adjoining tenants RV or boat is not allowed.

15. Can I store personal items and household goods?

  • Yes, Diplomat is for RV’s, vehicles, boats and commercial trucks and trailers in good working order. And, unlike our competitors, we also offer boat lockers (3’ wide X 4’ deep X 8’ high) for fishing gear & waterskies, A/C Cubby Lockers (30” wide X 4’ deep X 4’ high) for expensive electronic equipment, coolers & life vests or household items and 5’ X 5’ X 10’ high Self-Storage units for household items or motorhome excess equipment not desired on all trips.  The 5’ X 5’ X 10’ high spaces also, unlike our competition, have 2 levels of shelves on 3 of the 4 walls above the entry door.  Our non/ac spaces are 5' x 4' x 10' with 2 shelves. The shelves alleviate packing boxes collapsing due to too many boxes stacked upon one another.  This effectively makes our units able to store approximately 41% more than most of our competitors who offer 5’ x 5’ x only 7’ high spaces. Yet, our rates, both AC and non-AC, for the spaces are lower than or equal to most of our competitors!

16. Can I use one storage space for two items?

  • No. Garages, canopies and 3-sided carports do not allow this. Each stored item is assigned to a separate space.

17. Is 30-amp electrical service available?

  • Yes. Service is individually metered. Customers will be billed quarterly and only for power used. A $80 deposit is required.  A $15 a month access charge is levied if RV is plugged in in addition to the quarterly charge for electricity used. A flat $12.00 monthly charge for battery charges charging boat battery is also available.

18. How clean are Diplomat’s spaces and storage units?

  • Very clean. Cleaning and site maintenance are done on a regular basis including mechanized vacuuming of drive aisles. Individual storage space floors are to be kept clean by Tenants.  Diplomat’s driveways are paved and structures have concrete floors, which means no mud or dust. Vehicles, rv trailers and boats stay cleaner, both inside and out.

19. Does Diplomat offer protection from flood waters and hurricanes?

  • Diplomat RV & Boat Storage is more hurricane resistant than almost all our competitors. Structures have steel framing and steel wall panels, and are built to withstand sustained winds of 160 mph.  Most of our competitor’s structures are only rated to 130 MPH, as they were constructed when lower standards were required. Some older facilities are not even rated to withstand sustained winds of 130 MPH.  We are 16 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.  Our finished concrete floor elevations are 14 feet above sea level and our retention lake/drainage system offers superior drainage. The 16-foot tall steel walls of our perimeter 3-sided carport structures enclose the facility and greatly reduce risk of damage from wind and flying debris.

20. What is Diplomat’s staffing level?

  • Dipomat's full time manager is on duty five days per week (10:00-5:00) Monday-Friday and other staff members are in the office on Saturdays from 10:00-1:00.

21. Is a rental agreement required?

  • Yes, a Month-to-Month rental agreement is required. Tenants may vacate the premise and the lease at any time by providing 15 day notice to management. Once moved in, the rental payment is automatically charge to a credit card on 1st day of each month. Payment is to be made by credit card after you provide authorization for automatic monthly charge.  Payment for one year at a time can be made by a check delivered to the leasing office. A 4% discount offered by paying one year rent in advance.

22. What are Diplomat RV & Boat Storage rates?

  • Rates are based on the length of stored item and type of storage space chosen. See the Rate Page on website for details.

23. How is security maintained?

  • The full array of security features makes Diplomat the ultimate secure facility.  No competitor in Southwest Florida offers our security features.  No competitor comes close!
  •  Enclosed and surrounded by 16-foot high steel wall 3-sided carport structures
  •  Vehicles and boats not visible from the road
  •  Video cameras with motion detecting ability; activity is recorded 24 hours a day.  Digital video recorder (DVR) has standby back up unit in case prime DVR fails.  With backup DVR EVERY DAY AND HOUR of activity is recorded for management and security purposes!
  •  Video recordings on file for weeks
  •  Brightest lighting possible
  •  Only one entranceway with an entry and exit gate on west side of facility.  Emergency gate at Northeast corner of facility was required by fire department but is secure against unauthorized use.
  •  Many video cameras at all important locations throughout facility.  Cameras at entry and departure gates zoom in for proper recording of license tags
  •  Main entrance is secured by heavy gauge metal, 9-foot-high swing gates (13’ wide entry gate & 13’ wide exit gate)
  •  Entry requires key fob.  Personal Identification Numbers (PIN’s) are not used. With PIN’s too many unauthorized persons have access!
  •  Tenant key fobs required for customer lounge, Ice machine, customer shower and some cleaning equipment.
  •  Controlled access 24 hours per day
  •  Access restricted from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. for additional protection.  Entry during this period requires customer to call Diplomat’s security number to provide notice of after hour entry and exit.  If this does not occur and activity is detected, the police will be immediately called to investigate.
  •  Former customer's access key fobs deactivated at checkout
  •  Computer system logs gate activities; including, the key fob number used, time in & time out and a video record of vehicle passing through entry gate, and vehicle license tag is made.
  •  LED lighting throughout with motion detecting switch activation for areas near and ceiling area over customers storage space. Customers drive through gate to their storage space and as they progress to their space lights come on or increase in lumen levels to provide a highly illuminated pathway to customer’s boat, rv or vehicle. Even when no customer activity after hours occurs, many lighting fixtures are on at maximum lumen level during all hours of darkness.


24. What is the maximum clearance?

  • Maximum clearance: most spaces offer 14 feet, 9 inches clearance; a few spaces only offer 14’-0” where steel I-beam portal frames are located
  • Maximum width: 12 feet for asphalt and covered spaces; garage spaces are 14’ wide
  • Note: When calculating clearance, please consider items like antennas, mirrors, fly bridge of a boat and added height of anything mounted on a trailer or motorhome.

25. Do you offer more than one type of storage?

  • Yes. Diplomat offers three types of storage:
  • Garage: roll-down steel door with keyless entry pad & optional remote control, 14 feet wide and up to 40 feet deep, most often used for motor home and high value boats.
  • Covered: 3-Sided Carport or Canopy Spaces: 12’ wide and up to 80’ deep in interior canopy structures
  • Open Air Asphalt Parking: Most economical storage available.


26. What if your service & repair staff cannot provide what my RV or boat requires?

  • Diplomat offers minor repairs and some types of service and cleaning.  For repairs we cannot furnish, Diplomat maintains a list of RV mechanics, Boat Mechanics, cleaning services (for rv interiors). If Diplomat cannot or does not provide what you require, tenant may send request for service or repair to each of the approved service providers. The provider will have 24 hours to respond with their price and details of service or repair. Tenant then pick the proposal. Upon your notification to Diplomat of the job’s completion, tenants are to provide a review of the service provided. If a business does not maintain quality service and fair treatment, Diplomat will terminate the relationship and will replace the business with a new service provider. Each business must pledge to provide accelerated proposal response and priority scheduling to Diplomat’s customers. In example, if your motor-home needs a part or appliance repaired or replaced, and it is 6 days prior to your planned vacation trip, chances are better than normal that one of our approved service providers will complete the work in time to not delay your trip.

27. What does Diplomat RV & Boat Storage store?

  • We store anything on wheels that is roadworthy, of attractive, well-maintained appearance and within height and width limits:
  •  Motor Coaches
  •  Motor Homes
  •  Fifth Wheels
  •  Travel Trailers
  •  Boats on Trailers
  •  Vans
  •  Mini-Vans
  •  Trucks
  •  Trailers
  •  Autos
  •  Classic Cars
  •  Vintage Cars
  •  Commercial Vehicles

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